Agency Resources

Each one of our NASAR certified members have completed First Aid training. Our volunteers are all skilled and seasoned All Terrain…

Encourage & Assist

Our volunteers are hardworking family men who took their passion for helping people and their love for the outdoors to new heights…

Training Exercises

To carry out programs, training exercises and projects that is of mutual interest and will advance the objectives of our organization.

Cooperation & Support

USAR members supply and maintain their own equipment and subsidize their training courses. We are a volunteer, non for profit, approved…

Recent Action photos
Lost Person Search

When dealing with lost or missing persons, time is crucial. The minutes and hours count. That’s why we have members located throughout the tri state area ready to mobilize within minutes of being called.

Helicoptor Rescue

Our members are trained in accessing and navigating all sorts of rough terrain, whether by all-terrain vehicle, or other special craft.

Disaster Relief

Our services include various other disaster relief services in addition to search & rescue, in responding to whatever mother nature brings our way. 


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