About Us

About US

We are primarily a search and rescue organization dedicated to locating, assisting, and providing emergency services to people who may be lost, injured or otherwise missing;  whether it be in a typical urban or suburban area, or remote off the map areas, we are ready to mobilize a large search team within minutes.

Each one of our NASAR certified members have completed First Aid training, disaster relief training, as well as specialized search & rescue training. In addition to being equipped with a wide variety of equipment and machinery, our organization presently has more than 30 all-terrain vehicles ready to be quickly mobilized in the event of any off-road emergency or search & rescue operation. Our volunteers are all skilled and seasoned all-terrain vehicle operators. This unique expertise allows us to complete off road tasks in remote locations utilizing a large search team when necessary. We also have full access to aircraft and a trained pilot on our team, as well as experienced horsemen, proven to be useful in situations or areas where all-terrain vehicles are unable to access; this vastly enhances our reach and capabilities.

Within our team we have Doctors, Medics, EMT’s, firefighters, structural engineers and building specialists. We have members trained in HAM radio, making communication possible in extreme scenarios.  In addition to the equipment mentioned above, we are also equipped with heavy-duty machinery, a chain saw operations team, water pumps and all necessary tools and gear to complete the toughest of tasks.

Zaka-Int-logoUSAR is a ZAKA affiliated organization. Founded in 1989 in Israel, ZAKA has grown to a world-renowned humanitarian organization, providing search & rescue, and medical response among other things.  In 2003 a British Member of Parliament recommended that ZAKA be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2005, the United Nations recognized the ZAKA International Rescue Unit as an international humanitarian volunteer organization (NGO). As a result of its UN recognition ZAKA has since been requested to assist at natural disasters all over the world.

Our volunteers are hardworking family men who took their passion for helping people and their love for the outdoors to new heights by being part of a team collaborating their talents to create a powerful unit.

USAR members supply and maintain their own equipment and subsidize their training courses. We are a volunteer, non for profit, approved Star Tech 3 organization. We are highly endorsed by New York City councilman Chaim Deutsch. USAR is proud to be affiliated with ZAKA and designated as their official East Cost team.

Mission Statement
Agency Resources

USAR assists various official agencies via the use of trained teams of volunteers, a trove of specialized equipment, all-terrain vehicles, & other life-saving resources at its disposal.

These resources are often vital and indispensable in search & rescue operations and/or disaster relief response.

Training Exercises

Proper knowledge, expertise, and training are pivotal in being ready to act when disaster strikes.  Proper training in conjunction with organizations such as the National Guard, ZAKA, etc. serve to meet that goal.

USAR members enjoy the benefits of learning all the skills necessary to be able to assist in a wide variety of emergency situations.

Information Exchange

To promote the exchange and dissemination of information and expertise among all our members.

Develop & Promote

New technologies, ideas, and improvements in the search & rescue industry continue to evolve.

USAR strives to develop and continue to promote excellence in all modern search & rescue techniques and disaster relief readiness and response methods.

Cooperation & Response

To cooperate with other official organizations at the local, regional, state, national, and international levels in a professional and courteous manner;  To respond to any emergency with speed and efficiency.

You can help

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